February 8, 2023

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Best Artist 2022

Music Festival Best Artist 2022 Nippon Television

Stray Kids Changbin reveals the episode in the dressing room “My heart ached” and talks about his gratitude to STAY 

The Korean boy group Stray Kids will perform live at the NTV year-end music festival “Best Artist 2022” (from 7:00) on the 3rd. He attended an interview held at the backstage and talked about the highlights.

Stray Kids will perform “CIRCUS” at the “Best Artist 2022 Yoru ni Waitainai Special” starting at 4:25 in the evening, and will perform “MANIAC -Japanese ver.-” at 21 units . BANG CHAN waved to the press, while SEUNGMIN appeared at a good tempo while enjoying the music.

When Bang Chan called out, “Can I say hello?”, everyone greeted brightly. When asked about the performance points of “MANIAC -Japanese ver.-“, LEE KNOW (Rino) said, “This song contains our enthusiasm in the dance, so I think you can feel it. ver.” is easier for the fans to understand,” he proudly said. After that, Bang Chan introduced himself in Japanese as “I’m Bang Chan” and said, “I had a rehearsal yesterday, and when I performed on the LED, I thought that the combination was well utilized.” talked about hope.

[Best Artist 2022]

Saturday, December 3 – 7:00 pm to 10:54 pm JST

Broadcast: NTV


Fukuyama Masaharu / Ado / KAT-TUN / Kis-My-Ft2 / Sexy Zone / King & Prince / SixTONES / Nogizaka46 / Sakurazaka46 / Hinatazaka46 / NiziU / and more

Main Host: Sakurai Sho

Hosts: Hattori Shinichi / Bakarhythm / Ichiki Rena (NTV Announcer)


In addition, FELIX, who was asked about his thoughts on looking back on the year as it was the end of the year, said, “It was a very memorable stage.” Deep emotion. “I was able to show the stage to everyone from STAY (fan name), and I did my best to show a dynamic stage,” he said. In addition, IN said with a smile, “I still remember that we were able to win the number one spot on the billboard twice.” “I’m happy that I was able to leave such an honorable record, and I think it’s all thanks to STAY,” he also expressed his gratitude to the fans.

Seungmin recalled the time he was unable to hold concerts, saying, “There was a time when I couldn’t see STAY for a long time.” ” he smiled.
Stray Kids, “poor” in the episode in the dressing room
When asked about the episode in the dressing room, Changbin opened his mouth and said , “It’s Changbin .” I felt very sorry for Banana, and my heart ached.” The members shouted “I’m sorry” in Japanese. Regarding his memories of his visit to Japan, Aien confessed with a smile, “I was really happy eating sukiyaki and shabu-shabu.” Lastly, when asked what he had left unfinished in 2022, Changbin joked , “Actually, I wanted to build abs, so I planned to finish it by January next year, but I haven’t been able to finish it.” . At the end of the interview, it was impressive to see them going to the next place in a friendly manner while encouraging each other with “Fightin’!”.

“Best Artist 2022” hosted by Sho Sakurai
“Best Artist” started broadcasting in 2001. Arashi and Sho Sakurai, the general host, will deliver a 4-hour live broadcast this year as well.

This is the 22nd time, the first Saturday broadcast. A lineup of popular artists, focusing on this year’s hit songs and topical songs, packed with music that you want to see and hear now, and look back on the past year in music.